Special Note

American Saddlebred Bloodlines for Sport Horse Disciplines

It is undoubtedly the highest goal a breeder of American Saddlebreds can aspire to: raising a foal that grows up to wear the roses on the green shavings of Louisville- the World's Championships. Sport Horse breeders aspire to win at the World's Championships also.

Breeding Stallions

Buying or Selling a Sport Horse Prospect

What are the Sport Horse disciplines ? How do I determine if my young horse will appeal to this market ? How do I speak the language to explain what I am looking for, whether I am a buyer, or a seller ?

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Pedigrees of World's Champions

So, you want to breed a World Champion. What is it that separates the talent of horses, even full siblings, from one another ? What synergism occurs that makes greatness ?

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Saddlebred Dressage at Devon

For most American Saddlebred owners, Devon means a fabulous week long Spring show with divisions for Saddlebreds, Hackneys, Coaching, Hunters, Jumpers, and the like. For Sport Horse aficionados, Devon is Dressage at Devon

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